Maris Freighter Cruises: Monthly magazine featuring voyage profiles, seaworthy news, firsthand stories, trampers and more."

The 20 Ton Packet: Article from Wired Magazine by Stewart Taggert.

The 'Capt. Ioannides' Web Site: Interested in learning about navigation, ships and shipping, GPS, radar and just about any maritime topic you can imagine? Here is the site to visit.

Books About Freighter Travel: This is amazon.com. I am not pushing their books....I am just trying to be comprehensive in my coverage of the topic, "Freighter Travel." 

Live Video: Live video feeds from some of the rivers, ports, you may come across in your travels.

Around the World Travelers: Currency converters, visa information and embassy locations.

Electronic Shipping Guide: Here is the place to go to get shipping schedules.

Other Marine Web Sites: You have to check out this site. You can spend the next week surfing these links. It contains everything from maritime law to ship propulsion systems. Weather forecasts for points at sea/

The Mother of All Maritime Links: If you are interested in maritime related topics, here is the place to go.

Foreign Language for Travelers: Want to learn a few phrases in a foreign language? Visit this site and pick a language. You will need a sound card and speakers.

Embassy Web Page: Diplomatic offices, international affairs and travel resources.

Great Lakes Shipping: Pictures and information about shipping on the Great Lakes. Voyages are available on some of the lines sailing the Great Lakes.

Measurement Converter: Convert Anything to Anything

How far is it?: Check latitude, longitude and distance between any two points in the world.

Words of Wisdom From Travltips

The Weather Page: Check the weather..... any place in the world!

The Longitude Game: This is a neat little game to teach you how to calculate longitude.