For the Record:

I am not a travel agent. I do not represent any travel agency. Best of all I am not trying to sell you anything! Information about the cost of specific freighter voyages or freighter schedules will be found at the home pages of the various agents booking freighter travel. They both change quite frequently.

So why am I qualified to write about freighter travel? I have sailed around the world with the exception of transiting the Panama Canal, which I hope to do next year. I count among by best friends, Capt. Harm Habenicht, a veteran of thirty years at sea. So you might say I learned a lot directly from a "master".

For as long as I can remember I wanted to go to sea. Fate had other plans. I worked for 22 years with the Federal agency that adjudicated maritime claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. I taught, on a part time bases, at Loyola of New Orleans, LSU and Tulane. The only ships I was on during this period were tied up at pier on the New Orleans water front. I can now admit that I spent quite of bit a time staring out of my office window watching ships of all kinds navigating the Mississippi at Algiers Point. Physically, I was listening to some lawyer telling me how disabled his client was, but mentally I was on one of those ships on the river.

I took an early retirement in 1995. Since that time have done pretty much what I wanted. Primary on my list of things to do was to get on a freighter, any freighter and go any where. Well I've now "been there and done that" and loved every moment of it.

I shoot competitive benchrest. Since a picture is worth pages of description, I include the picture below, taken at a local match to give an idea about this arcane sport. The rifle is a custom 6ppc. It is capable of consistently shooting 5 shot groups well less than a quarter of an inch at 100 yards.

Me and my custom built 6PPC

When I started my Internet search for information about freighter travel early in 1997, there was not much information available. This situation has changed, though the number of agents booking freighter travel is rather limited. Anyhow, when I finished my first freighter voyage I had the bright idea of creating a web page about freighter travel. The only problem was that I knew absolutely nothing about HTML programing. Well, I learned and the pages at this site are the result. I hope you find them interesting and informative.

A freighter voyage is a truly different way of spending a few weeks, meeting new people and visiting far away places. This web site is about the only way of making information about freighter travel available to the largest possible audience, short of writing a book.

I am always looking for material related to freighter travel. If you want your voyage log or whatever, to appear on the following pages, send it to me, in any format, as an email attachment. If you have any questions about freighter travel, drop me a line.

R. F. Ahern
Los Angeles, CA


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