If you have never been to a major port it can seem like a daunting task to find your way around. This is especially true in large ports like Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA, Houston, TX, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, etc. It has been my experience that often taxi drivers are not familiar with the port areas of major seaports. The area within ports are just not a place they usually take passengers. In the U.S. you are often lucky if you get a cab driver that speaks understandable English, let alone knows the way around the port area.

I book with a freighter agent outside of the U.S. Accordingly the agency is not familiar with port facilities throughout the country and I have to find my own way around. This is no problem! Major web sites like Yahoo have a mapping program. One advantage of yahoo is that you can use their mapping program in the following countries: World Yahoo!s Europe : Denmark - France - Germany -Italy - Norway - Spain - Sweden - UK & Ireland Pacific Rim : Asia - Australia & NZ - China - Chinese - HK - Japan - Korea - Singapore - Taiwan Americas : Brazil - Canada - Mexico - Spanish. The link to World Yahoo's is found at the bottom of their home page. MSN is another web site that has a mapping function. In fact most major web portals have a mapping function. In case you have never used one of these on line maps, they will not only show the map between point A and point B, but will give you turn by turn instructions. All you need to know is where you are and the exact pier or berth where you can find your ship, for example, Venice Blvd., Los Angeles and 215 Pier E Street, Long Beach CA. These maps and driving instructions are idiot proof.

Another option is to get a route map, on line, from you local automobile club, like AAA, if you are in the U.S. or Canada.

In the event you are having trouble finding your way around a port area, just send me an email at  and I will send you a map in html format that you can view in your web browser.