Welcome to the most comprehensive source of information about freighter travel to be found on the Internet. This site has evolved over the past three years, based mainly on my own experiences aboard ship and in dealings with agents, shipping companies, and the officers and crew of several ships.

These pages were created to provide as much information as possible to those interested in this truly unique experience. I suspect that most of you have never seen a freighter up close, let alone sailed on one. Traveling on a containership is not better than sex, though it does last longer. It is an experience you will never forget.

I no longer have many of the pages at this site translated into German; trying to update pages in two languages is more than I have time for. However, I do maintain a listing of all German freighter agents and their web sites.

This web site addresses every aspect of travel by cargo ship. You can locate an agent or shipping company that books freighter voyages, learn about the cost of travel, and view pictures of over 2,000 ships, from the engine room to the bridge. There is no information or links relating to traditional cruises.

Even if you are not planning to take a freighter voyage, you may find the Captain's Page interesting. Here Captain McDonnell recounts some of his experiences during his years as a captain for Lykes Lines. He also relates his experiences with passengers.

If you want information about a specific vessel, check the information and tracking page. Here is an extensive data base, compliments of the U. S. Coast Guard, however, it is limited to ships that have called at U.S. ports, though I have added a lot of foreign ships. If you wish to track a particular vessel, here you will find a link to a site that provides current ship locations. Here is a tracking site that just came on line. Check it out.

Be sure to visit the "Things to Know" page to learn a little ship board lingo and get an idea as to why the size of the ship you choose to sail on makes a big difference as far as your experience at sea is concerned and read the Voyage Logs of myself and others.

The Vancouver Sun writes this is a "must read site". Enjoy! The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel - All rights reserved.