Transatlantic Voyage: Hugh Adlington's Atlantic Voyage.

Punjab Senator:  Ellis Meton makes a trip on the Punjab Senator

Voyage to the South Pacific: Papeete, Apia and Pago Pago. Freighterman heads south from Los Angeles.

By Containership to Japan:Brian Gunter and his wife tell of their experiences aboard the "Arafura" from Australia to Japan.

Captain Morgan's Page: This is a site for those interested in my recent voyages on big "Cape Size" Bulk Carriers. These voyages are not unique as lots of modern seafarers do similar voyages but the difference is ... These voyages Are Mine!!

Pendulum Route: LA to Hamburg, (the long way) via the Cho Yang Atlas.

The Boomerang Route: Sail the Pacific with two weeks at sea between ports!

Aranui: Read about a non-freighter freighter voyage, by Susan Kay, of the St. Petersburg Times. I saw this ship in Pago Pago in May, 2000. She's sure not much to look at as evidenced by this picture.

Cruise: Los Angeles Times writer, Peter Bunzel, describes his experiences aboard the German freighter, DSR Europe.

Travel the Net: Slow Boat to China.

My First Freighter Voyage

Los Angeles to Down Under, 1997 Style - Submitted by Bob Rye - an example of Murphy's Law at work!

Europe: The Long Way - Submitted by Bob Rye - Seems like Bob always has interesting voyages.

Travelling to distant places - by ship or by aircraft? by Gereon Janzing (German/English)