The purpose of this page to provide links to travel pages other than those related specifically to freighter travel. So, here are some links you may find of interest.Budget Travel on Line: Here is one of the best!

Fodor's Travel: Excellent Travel site

Fielding World Wide: Fielding travel guides, a passion for travel, irreverent and in-depth information for off-the beaten track and adventure travel.

Routes International: Routes International serves as a gateway to people movers worldwide, such as City Transit and Inter city Bus Lines, Rail and Train Links, Ferries and Cruise Lines, Airlines and Airports, General related Links and Government Agencies, as well as ancillary services such as Heritage and Museum Sites, Bus Sites, Unions, selected Travel Sites, Industry Links by any mode, Bulletin Board, Transpo-E-Mail-Connectorę, and much more...The Wheelhouse: A non-commercial site which covers all aspects of cruising: cruise reviews, schedules of the major cruise lines, shore excursions, discussion from cruisers, port of calls, and much more.

Travel The Net with Joe Harkin's articles about travel.

America's Inns & Lodges On-Line: The Most Comprehensive Inn & Lodging Directories On-Line.

Everything's Travel: Very comprehensive travel site.

Johnny Jet's Travel Portal: Check out this excellent travel resource!

Travel Plex-Dayton: Hundreds of travel links. Professional Full Service Agency that strives for excellence. NO service fees. Corporate, cruises, tours; & vacations.

ABC Travel Center: This agent is located in Germany (English Web site) so it may be a good place to check if you are planing a trip to Germany.

Critical Mass: Internet Information Resource Guide...check it out!