Those of you who have taken freighter voyages no doubt have wondered what it would be like if you had to abandon a ship via the life boat stowed on the aft end of the ship.

Wonder no longer. The series of six pictures below were taken just a few seconds apart, by by Captain Fred de Boer, of the Netherlands.

It has got to be a bit of a jolt, however, you are well strapped into your seat. Any way, it sure beats the alternative of having to stay aboard a ship that is in immanent peril. What is potentially worse than this roller coaster ride is the one you would have to endure cooped up in this tiny craft, bobbing about the ocean. The life boats I have seen come equipped with barf bags.

Large freighters have their life boats stowed on each side of the superstructure and are lowered over the port and starboard sides and by electric motors, or by hand.

One of the first things you will do after boarding your ship is to be instructed in the use of life jackets and the escape craft.

The chance of having to abandon a ship are remote indeed. However, in keeping with my desire not to sugar coat any aspect of freighter travel, I felt this information was relevant as well as interesting.