Pictured below is a portion of the Port of Kaohsiung (Taiwan).


Some ports have easy access to the port city. For example, Auckland, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. In all ports it is possible to take a shuttle from the ship's birth to the main gate. From here it is possible to call a cab to get to the down town area.

Ports like Rotterdam are what we here in the U.S. call, "in the boondocks". Civilization is about 50K away and thus an expensive cab ride.

Long Beach, CA. (USA) and Oakland, CA., are a bit removed from the down town area. In the former it's a $5.00 taxi ride. From most parts of the Port of Oakland it is a 15 minute ride on the BART to down town San Francisco, and the Bart is within walking distance of most berths. In some parts of this port it is very difficult to get to the Bart, so, plan to stay on board the ship.

You will find that most officers/crew and have been in all of the ports you will visit on your voyage. Tag along with one or more of them....they know their way around.

In all ports I have visited there was transportation from the ship to the main gate of the terminal. There is no charge for this service.