Accommodations on freighters  differ in size and apertences. While cabins are always outside, port holes may be forward and/or side facing. In the picture to the right, taken on the Cho Yang Atlas, there is a window in the sleeping quarters on the starboardasleep.jpg - 18715 Bytesside. Some sleeping quarters may have a front facing window or none at all. I personally like sleeping quarters without a window. Why? Because it is totally dark and thus conducive to daytime sleeping. Here is a example.

The cabin may have either bow, side, or aft facing windows. Below is the cabin area (E deck, starboard side) of my accommodations on the Cho Yang Atlas. This was probably the largest cabin on the ship, other than that of the captain. The two windows are facing aft.cabin area of AtlasThough the E deck was above any of the stacked containers, there wasn't much of a view as containers were stacked thirteen across and four deep on deck. Had I been one deck lower I would have had the view of nothing but containers. It must be remembered that the lower the cabin in the superstructure the greater the probability that the view will be blocked all, or part of the time, by containers. Freighters are not designed with the idea of providing the passengers with a great views...they are designed to carry cargo. So, when you book a trip, inquire of your agent where your cabin is located and what the view is. Remember, higher is always better. However don't pay a premium price for a so called forward facing cabin! You are going to be quite upset if you do, only to find all you see the the south end of a forty foot container heading north. Aft facing cabins are, in my opinion, just as satisfactory; however, their view can be blocked by containers if the cabin is low.

The design of a freighter's superstructure is |__| shaped, as viewed from the top, with the bottom facing forwarded. The white space in the |__| is reserved for the stairway and the engine exhaust. That is why there are no interior cabins in the typical freighter; they are located around the |__|.

Ships will vary as far as apertences are concerned. The pictured cabin had a TV., video player, AM/FM radio and CD player. Additionally it had a small frig. However, I have been on other ships that have no electronic equipment. It is recommended that you bring a short wave radio. Radios, of the AM/FM variety, are not of any value once out of sight of land. Remember that ship's electrical system are 220 volts so make sure you have the necessary adaptors if you are coming from the U.S. If you want detailed information about the various type of electrical plugs, visit