I get a lot of email from folks who would like to ship their car or other personal property by freighter. Often they would like to take their car on the same ship as they travel on.

Captain Ranko Zunic, of Maris Cruises, says that " Freighters are in the business of carrying freight, so you can choose the line and destination to ship your car, as well as your motorbike or other personal belongings, at your convenience. Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers are able to offer you a choice of lines and rates, however, if you prefer to take your car on the same vessel you are traveling on, you may end up paying a higher rate. Keep in mind that not all freighters offer passenger service, so you should plan to make your own reservations first. Personal belongings and family-size cars are normally transported in 20- or 40-foot closed containers, while mobile homes, due to their size, are often shipped on flat racks or in open-top containers". Beyond this I know nothing about the shipment of vehicles and other cargo.

I have often seen bikes on board ship; on my last cruise the ship carried two. If you want to bring your personal set of wheels with you I see no reason why you can bring it along as part of your personal luggage. The rule seems to be that if you can carry it on board it is luggage, if a crane is required it is cargo. In the trivia department you might be interested to know that each time a container "goes over the rail" the cost to the shipping company, charged by the stevedore, is about $250.00.

Here you can access a Directory of Freight Forwarding Services. This web site and included links should be able to answer any questions you may have. Please do not write to me about this subject as I know nothing more than what you read above.