Most of the graphics on the following pages are about 25K each; some are a little larger. Most pages have four pictures. I have tried to compress the size of the images, yet retain a fair degree of quality when viewed full screen. I have made no attempt to reduce the number of colors. If your system doesn't display more than 256 colors don't waste your timeGo To... A typical cabin, sleeping quarters and bath, large cabin.

Go To... Radio room, GPS, plot table, the bridge

Go To... Anchor link, pilot boarding, life boat, starboard view

Go To... Stairs, bow, crewman, Capt. & Bo's'n

Go To... View from the bridge, plimsoll mark, tug, pig

Go To... Bow, cargo, strange ship, docked ship

Go To... Engine room of a modern freighter

Go To... Some colorful freighters

Go To... Tokyo Senator; sectional drawing.

Go To... Rudder, horses, tug and coaster.

Go To... Ooops! Cargo Loss

Go To... Great picture (from the Panama Canal web site) of a containership passing through a lock. This is a large graphic file of 660K, so it will take a few seconds to down load with a 28.8 modem.

Go To... Cut away of Ro-ro, Bridge, Unloading, Stern view of ship underway.