Well, London what can I say, in a word expensive. With the pound sterling running at about three of our dollars and everything seemed to cost just under what we would pay in dollars only itÕs pounds. Example, pint of beer £D.W.T. comes to NZ$2.93. A basic meal for two at a pub £28.00 = NZ$84.00. However costs aside we enjoyed the atmosphere. Seeing for our selves some of the historic buildings and riding on the tube trains etc. A friend of DelmaÕs who worked with her before we were married who now lives in England and her husband took two days off work to show us around, one day in London. Including a visit to Eltham and a lunch of traditional ÒPie & MashÓ. One day spent out in the Cotswolds. Driving through the small towns and villages. With lunch in one of the oldest Pubs in England.

With the sailing date being flexible we had not booked a hotel past the 29 Sept., with the idea we would find one at Tilbury for the last night or two as sailing had narrowed down to between 30th Sept., to 2nd Oct with 1st being the probable date. So after visiting Eltham DelmaÕs friends took us on down to Tilbury to arrange two nights there. Nothing, absolutely nothing, apart from a gritty looking B&B, couldnÕt even see a pub for a drink. There was a police station though and Sandra went in to make enquiries for us without much success, it appeared there was only one in the area some distance away. After some discussion it was decided that the best solution was probably to see if we could stay on where we were, if they had room. Ask at the desk, no problem, £120.00 per night thanks ( 2 nights = NZ$720.00). Never mind, at least we didnÕt have to pack and repack for two nights. Although it was expensive we were under budget in LA so it all comes out in the wash as they say, and soon its off to the docks.