As you browse the list below you will see that they are all listed at Personally, I never purchase a book if I can find it at the library. If not available at your local library or bookstore, you may wish to consider purchasing it at Amazon. Barnes and Nobel is now printing "out of print books". Their new IBM printers can print 800 pages a minute. Books can be printed in hard and soft cover. Read more about this at

 Fair Seafarer: A Honeymoon Adventure with the Merchant Marine

Ford's Freighter Travel GuideAnd Waterways of the World: Summer 1999, 94th Ed)

Send Me a Postcard: Freighter Cruising With Frances Flynn

The Freighter Travel Manual  - Bradford Angier

Steaming to Bamboola - The World of a Tramp Freighter

After the Spill: The Exxon Valdez Disaster, Then and Now

America and the Sea: A Maritime History (American Maritime Library, Vol 15)

The History of the Ship: The Comprehensive Story of Seafaring from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

Freighter Captain - Max Hardberger

Freighter Voyaging (1982) - Robert B. Kane, Barbara W. Kane

The Antigone - Richard Woodman: I recommend this title. Check your library first as it is out of print according to This book is Woodman's account of a voyage on the freighter Antigone, a passenger carrying freighter. Though this narrative deals with the life of a freighter's crew in the 60's, it is nevertheless very entertaining. Woodman is a prolific writer, having penned many novels about the sea.